We need your help! We don't have the budget or man power to cover all the different JDM events that happen or all the awesome cars that you guys build and own. But as a community we span the globe (believe me I've checked the Facebook stats)! We're always on the look out for:

  • photographers
  • film makers
  • guest posts
  • footage you might have taken on your travels that you'd like to share

Ideally we'd like to find regular contributors, if you fit the bill please contact us here or on Facebook/Twitter.

If you're a photographer we're happy to receive photos to share on the site and Facebook/Twitter/Google+. Photos can be watermarked and we'll give you a credit/tag your page. Either get in touch on here or Facebook, or just tag us.

Do you have a film and want some publicity? We're happy to share on social media as long as the quality is good (ideally HD) and the video is interesting. Again, we'll give a credit or a tag wherever it's used.

If you've got some high quality images from an event or of a car, why not make them come alive and write a guest post for the site? Talk about a build process or give your coverage of local meets/shows/events. If you're looking to get into automotive journalism professionally, writing a guest post could look good on your CV. You don't have to be a pro journalist either, aslong as the basic information is there we can work with it. You will, of course, get full credit as the author. Contact us to discuss details!

And finally, we can always use any footage you've taken on your travels, no matter how long or short, for our compilation videos. It doesn't matter if it was filmed on a phone, provided the quality is good. Credit will be given in the description of any video it's used in.

If you want to be a contributor, get in touch!