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Nissan to Launch Infiniti in Japan

Nissan to launch Infiniti in Japan

Nissan has announced it is to launch the Infiniti brand in it's home market of Japan, to compete with... read more>>

Frankenstein Monster

H2B Honda Civic EK

It's built for a purpose... and that purpose is fast road use... FAST road use... read more>>

Trax in Pictures (2013)

Toyota Corolla AE86 at Trax 2013

For those that don't know, Trax is one of the (if not THE) biggest car shows in the UK. The event is held at Silverstone, here in the UK, every year... read more>>

400bhp... Toyota Yaris?

Toyota Yaris Hybrid Prototype

Yes, you did read that correctly. Toyota have chosen a somewhat strange base vehicle to throw their hybrid technology at, but the results are quite impressive... read more>>

Modified Subaru Impreza WRX STi at Pikes Peak Hill Climb

Driver Brianne Corn and co-driver Jeremy Rowland attacking the hill climb at the legendary Pikes Peak. Weather conditions deteriorate as they make their way up the immense incline, making for challenging conditions!

Honda Civic EG Turbo - 9.64 Second 1/4 Mile

A sub 10 second Civic EG turbo on the 1/4 mile, somewhere in the east.

Onboard Honda Civic CRX AWD Turbo

Onboard track day footage of a monster Honda CRX, using 4 wheel drive to put it's turbo power down!

Subaru Revisit Their Past - Subaru Vintage Garage

Subaru 360 on Subaru Vintage Garage

Subaru of America has just started to release a new series of short videos, glimpsing back at the history of the company and their cars. The videos, each covering a different model, will be released in chronological order. The videos are... read more>>

Onboard Nissan Silvia PS13 Drift - Get Your Drift Gloves On!

A little bit of onboard drift action in a Nissan Silvia PS13. When you see drift gloves, you know it's serious!

Honda HSV-010 GT Exhaust Sounds and Burnouts

The Honda HSV-010 GT taking on a short demo circuit, including some burnouts and donuts. The rev limiter sounds like a machine gun! Crank those speakers up!

Top Secret Tuned Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R at Knysna Hill Climb

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R, tuned by Top Secret in Japan, competing at a hill climb event in Knysna. Driven by Jade Gutzeit, the car's making around 850bhp here!

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